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   American Music Literacy Association   
​​Bel Canto Solfeggio
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American Music Literacy Association 

We are choral directors who teach music reading for singers.  Our core mission is to promote beautiful singing with effective music literacy instruction. The American Music Literacy Association features an online Solfeggio Support Group, representing K-12, college and adult choir directors from Maine to Hawaii. When you join us, you gain access to a vast array of resources, and you develop working relationships with teachers from a wide variety of experiences who share our commitment to sight singing via Bel Canto Solfeggio.
     We believe singers can achieve a high degree of independence as music readers, equivalent to any instrumentalist. Singers deserve the opportunity to think, count, sign, solfege, read, and contribute as leaders in each class and rehearsal. Learning to Sing is the premise - we sing with Bel Canto tone, precise intonation and confidence.  In choral singing, you don't have to sacrifice the science to develop the art!

Please feel free to click around this site, using the menus above to learn more about how we integrate beautiful tone while singers are sight reading music with a high degree of success.
The American Music Literacy Association offers TWO levels of membership:

GOLD MEMBER:  $20 - dues-paying membership, an annual subscription:  Join the online Solfeggio Support Group, share in the dialogue, ask questions, and receive suggestions from experienced teachers. You also get access to any of the following items:  the annually updated "Sure-fire Winners" repertoire list, 25 single-page handsign drawings, readers, vocalises, articles, and private correspondence.  Payment options are listed at the bottom of this page.  Write  [email protected]  if you wish to become a GOLD member - OR:

Click Below to Become a Gold Member

PLATINUM MEMBER:  $50 - higher annual dues, with greater benefits:  you get all of the GOLD member benefits, including Solfeggio Support Group service, plus access to TWO of the following each year - simply email John with your selections:

Purchase The Reading Choir Singer with a License to Copy (normally $95) at the workshop price ($65 plus shipping)! 

Download PDF files for the entire Reading Choir Singer - if you buy or have purchased the book!
Download the complete Sight-Reading Progress Package with License to Copy - click the menu above for a complete description.

Choose any two of John Armstrong's original compositions or choral arrangements with License to Copy - all are listed underChoral Works in the menu above.

Obtain a DVD of choirs at various levels singing and signing warm-up patterns, rounds, canons and choral works in rehearsal and in concert.  This is not a marketing DVD.  It contains video clips of choirs rehearsing and performing, with no editing, so you know it is the real thing.

Custom Work.  PLATINUM members may request custom services such as transposition of Readers from the Reading Choir Singer to a new key, or a Custom Reader to accompany any of John Armstrong's choral works or arrangements.  

PLATINUM members may inquire about a unique service, or even contact John to commission a new work at a special discount, as that piece will become part of the American Music Literacy Association library.

A PLATINUM subscription entitles you to $100 worth of material each year (for instance, two of the four S/B arrangements Roger Henderson commissioned, or one choral piece plus the Sight-Reading Progress Package) in addition to everything available to GOLD members, including the online Solfeggio Support Group.  The once-per-year subscription saves an enormous amount of paperwork, and saves you money too!
Click Below to Become a PLATINUM Member
​​SUBSCRIPTION checks and P.O.s may be made out to:   

American Music Literacy Association
3237 Far Reach Drive
Baldwinsville, NY   13027
CONTACT:   [email protected]  if you prefer to have an invoice sent to your school in advance for payment.